NC 4-H Horse Program Certified Equine Measurers

The North Carolina 4-H Horse Program requires all ponies to be measured annually up to six years of age. From age six and older, the pony’s final measurement is permanent and annual measurement is not required unless there is a change in shoeing, loss of a measurement card, or a protest. If the animal possesses a valid USEF Measurement Card, re-measurement by a 4-H Horse Program Certified Measurer is not necessary. In such cases the 4-H Certified Measurer should transfer the information NC 4-H Eligibility Card. If ownership of a pony/horse with a permanent measurement card is transferred, the permanent card will remain with the animal and still be recognized as a permanent card.

The North Carolina 4-H Horse Program recognizes the measuring techniques recommended by current USEF rules and uses them as guidelines to measure equine in the NC 4-H Horse Program. The information provided in this fact sheet was adapted from 2010 USEF rules with modifications for 4-H uses as previously developed by the Virginia 4-H Horse Program.

Specific NC 4-H Horse Program rules regarding the heights of ponies can be found here.

A current list of NC 4-H Horse Program Certified Measurers can be found below. Show/event managers are encouraged to contact a certified NC 4-H Horse Program Measurer to measure ponies for select events.

Starting in 2012, all NC 4-H Horse Program Stewards are required to be program certified measurers.

For a list of NC 4-H Horse Program Certified Horse Measurers, please click on this link:
NC 4-H Horse Program Certified Measurers

New Steward and Equine Measurer training will be taking place on January 17, 2016 at the Guilford County Extension office in Greensboro, NC.  To register to attend this training, please complete the online form here. Any NC 4-H Volunteer that wants to become a certified Horse Show Steward or Certified Measurer is welcome to attend this free training.  If you are attending the Tri-State Leaders’ Conference and want to attend this special session, please complete the online form, in addition to your conference registration so that we have you registered for both events.  You do not have to attend the entire conference to attend this training and may come just for this event.  Horse Show Stewards must be re-certified every three years. The Steward Training will take place from 1:30-2:30 and Measurer Training will be from 2:45-4:15.

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