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NC 4-H Horse Program Rule Change Proposal Information


The North Carolina 4-H Horse Program Advisory Council encourages any suggestions to make the North Carolina 4-H Horse Program reach its fullest potential in meeting the 4-H Horse Project Goals. The opportunity to propose new rules or changes to existing rules allows 4-H Horse Program members and supporters to voice their ideas about how to improve our program. The following people are eligible to submit a rule change proposal to the North Carolina 4-H Horse Program Rules and Regulations Manual:

  • 4-H members
  • Parents/guardians of 4-H members
  • 4-H volunteers
  • 4-H agents

All proposals are due by October 1 of each year. Submitted rule changes and suggestions will be reviewed for the following year. The proposal form must be completed in its entirety to be considered.

To submit a rule-change or proposal:

  1. Download the rule change proposal form.
  2. Define the problem & develop as many solutions as possible by asking others for input.
  3. Choose one possible solution that appears to be the most appropriate and that fits the mission and goals of the NC 4-H Horse Program.
  4. Determine if any other rules would be affected if your proposal is adopted, and specify the rule along with its citation number.
  5. Submit proper wording for a proposed rule change by typing or neatly printing the exact wording being proposed. If you propose changes to existing language, strike through the words you propose to delete. Type in bold and italics the words you propose to add. All proposals must be received by October 1 for consideration in the following year’s rulebook. Email rule-change proposal form to Alaina Cross at or send to Extension Horse Husbandry, NCSU Box 7621, Raleigh NC 27695.