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Horse Judging Resource Material

North Carolina Extension Horse Husbandry Publications

Developing Effective Oral Reasons Manual

How to Teach Youth an Equine Conformation Judging System

North Carolina 4-H Horse Program Introductory Horse Judging Manual (4-HJM)

Sample Horse Judging Cards

Horse Judging Placing Cards to print

Website & Breed Association Links

AQHA Competitive Horse Judging Manual

AQHA Judging Halter

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Conformation of the American Saddlebred

Arabian Horse Association Horse Judging Materials

USEF Handbook

Horse & Rider Magazine Conformation Clinics

Texas A & M Horse Judging Video Series

Additional Digital Resources with links

Resource Type Name Brief Description/Notes
App E-Judging Cut calculator App
DVD Kansas State Horse Judging Reasonably priced, excellent DVDs on oral reasons, hunter hack and trail.
DVD CEV Multimedia CEV has both online access horse judging videos and DVDs for sale. The more up to date material is available through online streaming.
DVD Video Horse World You can order videos of past horse show classes (such as Reining, Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equ, etc). If you tell them you are a judging team coach, you get a discount.
Website TAMU Horse Judging Video Portal There are currently some free downloads on their website.
You can either pay a monthly ($20) or yearly ($200) fee to access the videos.
DVD Jon Wolf – Perfect Practice Several DVDs for sale which focus on Conformation, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Oral Reasons.
Facebook Page Equestions Horse Judging Resource. Tons of judging resources, poster classes and links to videos.
Facebook Page NHJTCA National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association (Closed group- send a request to join). Judging Contest DVDs for sale.
Website iEquine Live stream of horse shows from around the world.
Website Arabian Global Network Watch archived videos of past Arabian Horse Shows, including the US Nationals
Website Mississippi State Mississippi State University Horse Judging online judging video portal
Website Judging Card Online cut calculator
YouTube Channel Purdue Univeristy  Videos on judging conformation
YouTube Channel Arabian Horse Association Scroll through their playlist for some judging contest videos
YouTube Channel UN-Lincoln Several instructional presentations on horse judging, such as Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Conformation, etc.
YouTube Channel Morgan Horse Association Morgan Horse Judging Standards
YouTube Channel Texas A & M (TAMU ANSC) Scroll through for several Horse Judging Videos
YouTube Channel AQHA Scroll through for Judge’s Perspective Videos and winning runs from major events
YouTube Channel Richfield Video Production Scroll through for videos of Saddlebred and Morgan Horse Shows
Website Horse iQ Online modules that focus on different disciplines. Practice scoring runs/classes with reasons from an official judge. Product of APHA.
Website AQH University American Quarter Horse University- new educational series starting in the spring.
Website Horse & Rider Magazine Conformation Clinic Practice halter classes (with 3 horses) with official placings from a judge.
Website Livestock Practice judging videos- some classes are free. With a paid membership, you have access to additional videos.