2020 N.C. 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card Instructions

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The N.C. 4-H Horse Program Rules and Regulations Manual has been updated and reflects all the new rules and updates for the 2020 season. If you plan to show or enter any educational contests, please be sure to review all the rules for your particular division or contest. Rule changes and additions are highlighted yellow for your convenience.

The eligibility card procedure will be the same as in 2019. Please consult your county Extension agent to be sure that you are meeting all the requirements in order to receive your card. Read below for a summary of the steps that need to be followed.

PLEASE NOTE: There is not a specific deadline for the completion of the request form. However, youth need to be sure to have all paperwork (including eligibility cards) completed in time to meet entry deadlines for their selected qualifying show. As soon as qualifying show packets are shared with EHH, we will post them on the website.

2020 N.C. 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card Procedure

Eligibility Card Completion Instructions for 4-H Agents, Volunteer Leaders, Parents, and 4-H’ers:

  1. All 4-H’ers wishing to show in 4-H horse shows for the current year should complete an eligibility card request form for each horse they intend on showing. Be sure to contact your agent to be sure you are meeting your county’s requirements for obtaining an eligibility card.
  2. The Eligibility Card information (name, address, horse’s information, etc.) should be completed by the 4-H’er and their parent using the online request form found at the link provided here: 2020 N.C. 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card Request Form

The pony measurement section will be completed by a certified measurer at the qualifying show.  If the pony has a permanent USEF or NCHJA card, that must be presented to the certified measurer at the qualifying show so they can complete the appropriate checkboxes and sign. Please provide the original card (un-laminated) to the measurer.

  1. After the online form has been completed, a pre-filled eligibility card document will be electronically generated and shared with the county Extension agent. Extension agents will print the completed cards and arrange distribution to the leaders of the youth that have met the county requirements.
  2. The parent/guardian, volunteer leader, and Extension agent must all sign the card (in ink) for it to be valid.

By signing this card, the parent, volunteer leader, and agent are each verifying that the youth is a current 4-H’er in good standing and that they are fulfilling the requirements/rules of the events that they are participating in; if found to be ineligible, for a division, the three persons signing this card shall be considered responsible for failing to recognize ineligibility.

  1. Extension agents should make a copy of the completed cards, to be retained in the local 4-H office. After copies have been made, the original card should be returned to the 4-H’er.
  2. 4-H’ers must consult the entry deadlines and requirements for the qualifying show they are attending to be sure that all their paperwork is turned in on time and correctly.

North Carolina 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card Rules

1. This card may be used as a 4-H Measurement, Short Stirrup, Long Stirrup, and Little Britches card. Retain as a record of your animal’s official height and Short Stirrup, Long Stirrup or Little Britches Eligibility and as your 4-H eligibility for the current year and for future reference.

2. Ponies must be officially measured each year unless a permanent USEF Height Card or NCHJA Pony Measurement Card can be provided.

3. The parent, volunteer leader, and Extension agent signatures must be on the card for it to be valid. If the 4-Her is a member at large, the extension agent will sign as the volunteer leader also.

4. This card should be in possession of 4-H members when exhibiting their animals at any show to verify 4-H Horse Project eligibility.

5. Every 4-H’er must have a separate, current, complete eligibility card on every project horse he/she expects to participate within the current 4- H year.

This card should be signed in ink. Please do not use a pencil.

2020 NC 4-H Horse Program Eligibility Card SOP