Horsebowl and Hippology Reference Updates

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As you begin to prepare for the 2019 Horsebowl and Hippology competition season, just a few reminders about resources.

Horse Smarts is a resource as of January 1, 2018 (all levels). If you have previously purchased Horse Smarts, the index is now available for download. Also, please note the following corrections/changes that need to be made on your pages:

Corrections to Horse Smarts content

We made every effort to review the content and proofread as we created the publication, however, we’ve spotted a few things that need to be corrected. Those corrections range from minor typos to changes in wording. We’re working on a web page to list all the corrections and date corrected but here are the most important corrections.

The Inside Story

Pg HS 325-3   change nose bot to throat bot in 2nd paragraph

Pg HS 325-19  change nose bot to throat bot in #7 of Riding Further activity

Pg HS 325-23  change nose bot to throat bot on playing card

Pg HS 325-10  delete 2nd option on 8 and 10 in Riding Further activity

Tract to Success

Pg HS 405-2   Feeding Management Guidelines  (paragraph re-written)

Specific nutrient requirements for horses are determined based on their body weight and physiological status. In general, forage based diets and small frequent meals should be the foundation of all feeding programs to ensure digestive and overall health. Forage (pasture and/or hay) should account for a minimum of 1% of their body weight per day. For example, a 1,000 pound horse would require at least 10 pounds of forage per day.

Pg 405-5 and 405-12  A Weightier Problem activity calculate all forage at 1% of body weight

Horse Sense

HS 330-3 and HS 330-9 correct spelling of agnostic to agonistic

Don’t Bug Me

HS 320-4, HS 320-12, HS 320-24  correct spelling of gastrophilus to gasterophilus