2016 NC State 4-H Horse Show Photos

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Thank you to High Time Photography for serving as our official show photographer for this year’s show. The pictures from the NC State 4-H Horse Show are now available on their website at http://www.hightimephotos.com/Other-Shows/2016-NC-State-4H-Horse-Show.

Message from High Time:
We were able to take photos of every rider, every class, every day. For classes with multiple riders in the ring at the same time, you can find your photos in the Classes folder. For classes that have individual riders, you can find your photos in the the Individual Riders folder. If you need help finding your photos, please email hightimephotography@gmail.com or call John at 336-671-4446.
We have a special of a download of all photos for one horse/rider for only $85 or a flash drive for $120 through August 10, 2017. To order either of these specials, please call John at 336-671-4446.