2020 N.C. 4-H Horse Show Update

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Due to the coronavirus, all 2020 qualifying horse shows will be canceled. At this time, we are optimistic the N.C. 4-H Horse Show will still happen as originally planned. However, this year the show will be open to any 4-H’er who wishes to participate who has an eligibility card approved by their agent. If you have not requested an eligibility card yet, you can do so here:

2020 Eligibility Card Request Form  Deadline for Eligibility Card Request will be May 1, 2020

2020 N.C. 4-H Horse Show Entry Forms and Exhibitor information forms will be available on the State Show page no later than April 1. The postmark deadline for ALL State Show entries will be May 30.

Note about Pony Heights/Measuring: If a pony was shown in a 2019 qualifying show, the height that was recorded in 2019 will be used for the 2020 State Show entry. If a pony was not shown, a copy of an NCHJA or USEF card can be sent in with the entry. If neither of those cards is available, the pony will need to measured on-site at the N.C. 4-H Horse Show. A schedule of pony measurement times will be provided in the exhibitor’s bulletin that will be emailed after entries are received.