2015 Open Horse Show Judges’ List Now Available

Posted On December 9, 2015— Written By

The 2015 edition of the NC Open Horse Show Judges’ List is now available. Individuals listed in this publication attended the 2013, 2014 or 2015 North Carolina Open Horse Show Judges’ Clinic and indicated they would be available to judge shows. The area of expertise (X) indicates the judges’ preference in judging assignments and is not necessarily representative of their clinic performance. Judges receiving an (*) asterisk in their judging preference area indicate they scored 90% or better in that respective division (a minimum of the top one-third of participating judges certified in each division regardless of score).   Participants were also required to take a written exam for each division. Scores for the exams were based on a 0-50 score and those scores were included, along with class scores in each of the respective divisions.